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Thread: longest remi 700 mag short action

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    longest remi 700 mag short action

    Hi All,

    I Am looking for the longest short action magazine or floor plate system avalable for a remi 700 on a short action, Its for my 7mm08 i have a great load(thanks to Pierred) but its dead on the length of the floor plate magazine well. I may have this machine down either end to give me a bit more morement or if theres a magazine system that long enough i may go with that as long as its not too costly. i will measure the COL and update this thread shortly.

    Atb Matt

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    whyatts exstended mag box
    its a easy fit ,and you only replace the mag box ,you use your exsisting mag follwer and spring and floor plate
    you need to mod stock and action to make it fit ,you need a mill ,or a dremmel if you want to do it your self

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    thanks where can you get these?

    Atb Matt

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