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Thread: Building a plucking machine

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    Building a plucking machine

    Hello, I'm building a plucking machine in the next couple of weeks and I need to buy some rubber plucking fingers to insert into a drum type plucking barrel. Does anyone know where I can source these from ? Kindest regards, Olaf

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    If it is of any assistance they sell the wheel fitted to an arbour that will fit a standard drill chuck, off the top of my head i would try either bushwear or attlebrough.


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    Item number: 250876599891 try this on the bay

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    I built one last year and I must say this was the hardest thing to source.

    I bought rubber matting from B & Q but it was too weak and broke so in the end I got hold of some conveyor belt rubber and it's just the job.

    Some people swear by tarp straps the rubber bungs some HGV drivers use to fasten with but I couldn't get any cheap enough. All in all it cost me about 6.00 to make

    Just a tip make sure the lengths cut are exact and positioned equally around the drum or it will vibrate like mad.

    Alternatively you could just buy one already made from Bush Wear for about 50.00, I considered it but being Yorkshireman i didnt dwell on it too long

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    looks simple enough to construct using plastic barrels.

    Atb, Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    Folks, thank you most kindly for all of the helpfull advice. I will put some sort of info together and post it once I've got one made so that future readers can have the joy of plucking with power too !

    Kindest regards, Olaf

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    I made a plucking machine with the plucker fingers, fitted 14 or 16 of them them to a plastic pot fitted to an electric motor,something like the lecky drill fitting , the finger fitted pot was inside a plastic 40 gal; drum to contain the feathers, it worked well regarding the plucking but feathers everywhere, so i fitted a water hose with a fine spray to keep the feathers down, great on a warm sunny day but freezing cold and wet when the temp; drops , wet feathers stuck everywhere , took hours to clean up , I gave up with it in the end it was quicker to do it by hande .

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