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Thread: Universal Gambrel

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    Universal Gambrel

    A friend in the US sent me a link about a different sort of gambrel that he had recently tried and thinks is really good.

    Unlike the old gambrel design, where you must cut the animal's legs and insert the hook ends, the universal gambrel uses gravity to seize the animal legs in the loops when hanging and weighing.

    One of the greatest advantages of the new gambrel design is that it allows a person to remove the hams one at a time without the other ham falling on the ground or the user needing assistance.
    I was wondering if anyone had seen/tried one?

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    It would be a lot harder to clean and disinfect. Looks like wire rope to trap muck and bacteria.

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    I have used this method in the past.
    I made a couple using plastic covered wire braid and a bit of 2" x 2" after a while I got fed up with the wires twisting.
    If ever I forget to carry anything and want to hang something to collect later I use a piece of branch and a couple of bits of baler twine then chuck it away when I've finished with it.

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    Just like a new fishing catch people.

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    Isn't that one of David Strettons snares?

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    I have one, bought in the US in a moment of weakness. As others have said, it's a guaranteed bacteria trap. I ended up removing the wire and using it to throw over a branch if I want to do a suspended gralloch, securing the ends with a carabiner that I then attach one of Dave Stretton's collapsible gambrels to.

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