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    mornin chaps can anyone recomend a maggie call that actually works?have a huge family of the damn things moved in on one of my farms an im keen to clean em up before they have any pheasant eggs ect, never had much faith in airgun pellets rattling in a film case so any advice very welcome CHEERS HORNET

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    The digital callmaster @ 175 is a great bit of kit although maybe a bit pricey? There are different cards - I have the one with the magpie call and they really do respond to it. My card also has the corby on it and general crows so you can observe these also.

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    I had some sucess with a box of matches!

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    Magpie calls

    Hornet, Same as Frax.
    A box of matches, cammo clothing, on the corner of a bit of woodland (that way they are only likely to come from one direction) and a shotgun. Very effective

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    Magpie calls

    They always see me first! Nothing beats a larsen trap.

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    I have a funny little call that looks a bit like a bowl on a stick, i've only used it a handfull of times but it does seem to work. Best results allways come from a little owl decoy and sitting still.

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    I agree with ezzy little owl works very well
    or put a rabbit out thats been cut open still with guts in
    and sit still the buggers will come for it

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    I believe it is illegal, in the UK, to use electronic calls to attract birds prior to shooting them. OK for Charlies etc. but a no no for birds.........

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    A tic tac box with a few air pellets in works just like the match box.


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