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Thread: Howa long action floorplate conversion

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    Howa long action floorplate conversion


    Does anyone on here know where i can get a detachable mag conversion for a long action Howa 1500?
    I have seen lots available for the short action but not the long action.


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    They only fit short action rifles

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    Yeah I have seen loads of them. Can't understand why they don't do long action ones??????

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    It is a strange one.

    We've fitted a fair few of these units ( short action ) and really like them. I do not know the reasoning behind no long action - apparently fittings are demand led from the US of A. In which case you'd think a long action model would be first choice.

    Possibly there are feed issues - but that's just speculation. Its a shame because demand is there. We have relayed that interest back to the distributors.

    CDI Precision do a conversion. Its close to 4x price of the Howa package and takes AICS mags. Midway Uk list at sky high prices. CDI website isnt great, but lists the same conversion at $204. It makes no mention of short or long - but there are long action mags listed below. Not clear if just advertising the mag or implying long action is available.
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    Thanks for that i will take a look.
    Like you say the demand is there so why not bring them in with the short action ones?? Very strange!!!

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    Here is one, I made it myself.



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    Nothing beats Remington when it comes to aftermarket bits.....
    Have a look if a long action AE Remington mag system can't be converted.
    I fitted a Howa SA AICS mag system to an old Sako a while ago but it was a lot of work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thar View Post
    Here is one, I made it myself.


    I saw you had made one when i was looking the other day it looks good and by the sound of it worked well too. Unfortunately i'm not as gifted at metal working as you and would probably end up having to get a new rifle after destroying mine.

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    just remembered, weatherby make a plastic mag system also for LA.
    I fitted one earlier this year.

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