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Thread: re lisenfeld repairs

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    re lisenfeld repairs

    I just found this advert.
    Reparatur aller Modelle

    Optikservice Torsten Schilling
    Torsten Schilling
    Am Muehlenbach 32
    D 18233 Neubukow
    Tel.: +49 (0) 38294 98 82 28
    Fax: +49 (0) 38294 98 82 29

    If anyone needs it.

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    Many thanks i have one with a fault. I will contact them see if they can help.

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    This chap is well recommended for optical repairs and as the Lisenfeld is out of warranty would it not be easier to use a UK repairer/servicer ?

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    Not everyone on the site lives in the UK.

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    The bloke with the Lisenfeld 'scope that was asking on this site does !!!!!

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    All I have to offer is that when i got my first Lisenfeld they were already defunct and I was warned repairs were impossible to find. So any that can offer a repair/re-build service are welcome IMHO.

    I now own three Lisenfeld scopes so will file this away JIC.

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    At one time Lisenfeld, Pecar and Zeiss were about the only sporting scopes available and all were classed as 'Gentlemens' equipment because of the price and availability.
    Oh, I've just remembered, the odd Kahles used to turn up now and again as well.
    I think it was the late sixties and early seventies that 'scopes started to appear from the USA but even then most were made in Japan.

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    well now i have two places to those from and as its post so it dosen't really matter how far it is .I have this old scope the and optics are perfect.
    But the ajustment goes off when i try to make minor ajustments.When its right i used to leave it alone. I never wanted to part with it. so now i will see if they can fix it .its a 4-12 x 56 spezial No 48060.
    Thanks for your help . and i hope to have it back on a rifle soon.
    regards woodfordfallow

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    Here's another one that does optical repairs and is well recommended.
    Both this one and the other have done servicing on Seadler and Zeisse binoculars so are not just blokes that tinker in their back shed.

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    Check the web site out of the Torsten Schilling chap he seems to repair all the major makes so what make you think he is fred in a shed. I have no connection at all to him.
    I was in the Seeadler assembly facility in Nurnberg in 2006 and they walked me through it, I was told by them that they buy all their stuff in from the far east and just assemble it there so quality control will not be in the PPM (parts per million) level like Zeiss, Swaro, Leica etc.
    I had a pair of Seeadler 9x63s they were *****, it made me bite the bullet and buy a new pair of Zeiss 8x56s chalk and cheese difference, of course also on the price.

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