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    I have just got a Remy 700 stainless in .260 cal. Does anyone have any experiences of this calibre and load recommendations?
    I think it will sit perfectly between .243 and .308 ( in fact my .243 has been replaced by this ) Any advice appreciated as usual, thanks.

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    Hi Richard

    I have a .260 , as do others on this site, who might have more suitable loads for your purpose. However, I have been using Lapua .243 brass, necked up to .264; 100 Gn Nosler BT, Fed GM210M primers, and 44.0 Gns Vit 160. Not very quick ; but very accurate in my rifle. I have had great success on Fox, Roe, Fallow, and Red Hinds with that load. You may wish something heavier as a bullet, and I know that NBT 120's are fine.

    As always, the disclaimer: Work up any load for your particular rifle, watch for signs of pressure as you go. .......... ENJOY !

    Over to Others with different experiences for their tuppence worth?


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    Hi i will post my .260 loads asap.

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    apologies for this shameless thread hijack- I am having a 25-08 Improved built and would love to get my hands on a couple of .260 cases (if fired a few times, that's fine) to see if I can neck them down more easily than I can neck 243 brass up.
    Can anyone spare me any, please? I don't want to buy 100 cases just to find they're no use to me.

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