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Thread: .223 Pes over barrel mod

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    .223 Pes over barrel mod

    Having decided to split the Tikka Package I have the following mod for sale PES over barrel mod (1/2 inch unf) bush bored to suit varmint barrel,but others can be bought, a few marks and scuffs to paint work ,but does a stirling job on the .223,100 collected or+ rfd fees.

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    which model, size colour etc?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bewsher500 View Post
    which model, size colour etc?
    Don't know the model pal as it already came with a rifle,all that's stamped on it is MAE suppressors,JMS arms,it's black and 355mm long and 38mm diameter and goes over the barrell approx 265mm with approx 90mm added on to length of barrel ,if that makes sense.

    Edit just looked on their website and it looks like it's a T12 and these are 310 new
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    80 collected?

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    Arm twisted,I'll be having this then,see you in a day or two Jase.
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