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Thread: depression / anxiety and FAC

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    depression / anxiety and FAC

    i know there are threads on this elsewhere but id just like to tell you my story about depression and my fac

    it was in the summer of 2009 that my daughter , leigh contracted rotavirus whilst in hospital , what follow was 8 weeks of sheer hell as she slowly went down hill in yorkhill intensive care unit in glasgow , at one piont the doctor was talking of a 15% chance of survival and asking about consent to revive ,,

    slowly but surely leigh turned a corner and 12 weeks after she was admitted to hospital she was allowed home, now during this time i didnt work, susan didnt either , and as you would expect ,bill mounted up and there was no money coming in , funnily enough at the time when leigh was in hospital i wasnt depressed , worried yes but depressed no , this came later when things were better , leigh was back at school and we were back at work ,

    rerunning things in my mind , and fretting that it would happen again i got lower and lower , and of course i would hide this from everyone , instead id take the landrover to the remotest part of the farm and cry my eyes out for hours , only to return home as if everything was normal , i knew i needed help but i was afraid they would take my guns from me , i dont drink or smoke , my shooting and the countryside are my only vices,

    this went on for months till one day i broke down at work and again at home , and susan called our doctor who saw me right away , i remember sitting down and telling her that i didnt want to hurt myself , or anyone else but i wasnt coping very well , she asked me a few questions and said i was suffering from depression and prescribed some pills which i took for 6 months and then was slowly weaned off them ,

    now this all happened mid term on my fac , two years later it came up for renewal ,and of course i told them everything , the civvy who came to do my interview gave me some raised eyebrows when i told her, i even went and saw my doctor about it , ( she said she had no hesitation in saying i was fit to hold a FAC)

    my FAC came through without any hitches

    i dont know what i am trying to say by posting this up , its just my experience of depression and licencing
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    Thanks for posting that. It must have been hell. There is no doubt that there is no pain like the pain of seeing your kids suffer. It could have ended very differently, I am very glad for you that it didnt.

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    The criteria for an FAC HAVE BEEN MET, you have been assessed by a Docter as being of sound mind and not of intemperate habits,good enough! Get on and enjoy your chosen sport with confidence and enjoyment mate...ATVB,Tony

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    Good post.
    lakelander and heym rifles.

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    Wow , thanks for posting your story .
    Iwas in a simular situation earlier this year , my wife left me after 25yrs , i would not see my gp for fear of my fac being refused on renewal .
    My buisness began to suffer and i lost count of the times i broke down in floods of tears for no reason .

    However after several calls to my wife and a shoulder to cry on from mutual friends , she came home .
    I now feel a lot better and only went to see my gp for the fist time this year ,last night .

    Now the only way is up .

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    for me , the fear of loosing your FAC should not stop folk from seeing their GP , infact i would like to think that if a certificate holder seeks help then this should be looked at as a positive rather than a negative when it comes up for renewal

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    Quote Originally Posted by shudadunityonksago View Post
    However after several calls to my wife and a shoulder to cry on from mutual friends , she came home .

    Now the only way is up .
    So long as no one digs up the new patio.................

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    Brilliant post Scots_Stalker.

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    A great post and thankyou for sharing your experiance
    Humans are pre wired with fight or flight response
    Great Grandad fought, Grandad fought.
    For the sake of my Grandchild I wish for Less Flight responses entering Europe

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    I think in the shooting / farming industry there is a lot of depression that goes unattended and un seen by doctors for fear of loosing fac 's .
    gamekeepers ,struggling tenant farmers Ect depression can effect anyone of us at anytime how many times has someone you may know fallen Ill with depression and we say " you would never have known would you "
    good post chap and good luck

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