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Thread: Watching Red Stags, Speyside area

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    Watching Red Stags, Speyside area

    Alright folks

    Was jist wondering if any people in the avimore/newtonmore type area know off many areas where it is relatively easy to get to with public transport that u can see a few red stags, that obviously won't interfer with any stalking or pheasants/partridge.

    The reason i'm asking is i have jist been up north beating and picking up as a bothy beater, 1 of the lads who was living in the bothy was a young keeper from Hungray who is over to for the grouse beating to take in the experience. He's absolutely mad keen and very knowledgeable on deer and esp providing trophies and back home his estate provides quite a few trophies (15kg+? means nothing to me but seemingly weight of head and antlers i think, they do grow them big out there thou) On his days off he tends to go off watching deer but struggling to find many stags.

    Is there many places he could travel to fairly easily by public transport that would not upset any keepers/stalkers and sit and watch a few stags.


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    Highland Wildlife Park has some nice ones

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    Wildlife Park is really the only place to get to by buss. Mind you thow he wont really get to see the deer as they are in the drive through area. But there are two Irish Elk heads in the cafe, they are really impressive.

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