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Thread: damn you muntjac

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    damn you muntjac

    Went to sort my electric fence out today for my pheasant pen and i thought ahh will take the rifle just in case . Have been after this one muntjac for about a year, he is massive and every time i see him i either dont have the gun or he's just in the wrong damb place . Anyway i sorted the fence turned it on and could hear it earthing round the the back of the pen so had a wonder round and saw it sparking against a steel peg with a insulator . I lean the gun against the fence and start to fix the peg while it is still on .. so i get the sheath for my knife and life the wire out of the insulator and then i hear this horrible bark behind me , scares the crap out of me the wire fliks on to my hand , i get a hell of a shock . I look round and see that damb muntjac running away . Will have him sooner or later.

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    why did wily cayote and the road runner just pop into my head when i read this ? lol

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    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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    Im sure you will catch up with it one day, typical, I saw a right old beast the other night whilwe waiting for a fox. Saw the munty first and then shot the fox half an hour later. I then went back the evening after and like clockwork the munty showed up, same spot, same time, aimed, let a round go, he dropped on the spot and I only waited about a minute. Typical. It will be worth it when you do get him.

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    and he will taste damn fine too....

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