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Thread: Christened the new highseat............

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    Christened the new highseat............

    As I wrote in my last post I had erected a highseat on a small piece of land that i have that used to be a market garden,and now it is just out to grass,here it is..................

    .The evening after erecting it I thought i would pop up there as it is only 10mins walk from my home,in fact for those that have seen the pics of deer in my garden,they are the same deer that are coming out onto this grassland.I arrived about 1900hrs,and,I climbed the seat,it felt very firm and safe,I hung my Roe sack on a branch and got the rifle out of the case and loaded her up with 3 x 100grain Remington Core-Lokt bullets.The landowner had told me that a couple of groups of Roe were coming out most mornings and evenings,one group of 4(2 Bucks and 2 Does)and a group of 3(2 Bucks and 1 Doe)so I was fairly confident of at least seeing something.I opened my sandwiches,and,settled down to wait for the first arrival.I was half way through the second sandwich when a Doe came out of the bottom hedgeline,and,wandered along about 10yds and then disappeared back into the hedge which spiked me up a bit,and,as I finished my tea break I got a flash of a white bum in the bottom corner.I hadn't seen her come out,but,it was a different Doe,and,this time she started to wander slowly up the field which is on an slow incline,I took a picture of her on my phone and through my binoculars to see if it would come out,and,surprisingly it came out pretty good considering the distance..............

    .I was now confident that a Buck would soon put in an appearance,and,right on queue out of the bottom hedge came not one but two Bucks,both of which were almost cleaned off(velvet).They were heading across to where the Doe was,just as i thought they might,but,they were a long way off at well over 250yds.I sat on my hands and waited for them to get into a better position for me to actually take on the shot,all of a sudden they all spooked,but,luckily they didn't run off as it was a fox that had come running in from the left hand side,and,because of my blindspot I didn't see it until it was half way across the field.One of the Bucks then couched down,but,the other one carried on feeding as did the Doe,it was then that I decided to take the shot,they were at 186yds,and,the Buck was side on,so,I put the cross hairs on his heart squeezed the trigger and he dropped without a flinch.The funny part was,the other Buck and the Doe never even batted an eyelid,and,as the Buck was led down facing away from me I did think about taking him as well with a neck shot,but,although I wass fairly near to home,I certainly didn't fancy trying to carry two Bucks back with me.I did however give the fox a squeek to see if he was nearby,and,he did actually poke his head through the top hedge,but,it wasn't a safe shot,and,he wouldn't come any closer,so,I got down from my seat,and,went over to sort out the Gralloch,and,pack him into my Roe sack,here he is..........

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    Well done! What is the seat and where did you get it?

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    Nice one martin.

    The freezer must be getting full by now


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    Well done mate. Tea and sarnies? You`ll want a table up in the tree next.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deer man
    Well done! What is the seat and where did you get it?
    I got it from 'Sportsman' it was on special offer,and,it was 99.99 down from 199.99 a real bargain ..................'M'

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    Nice write and pictures Re'M'ington.

    Well done Martin


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    Hiya Martin, is the rest on your seat adjustable?


    PS: Well done on the Buck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Rob
    Hiya Martin, is the rest on your seat adjustable?


    PS: Well done on the Buck.
    What do you mean 'adjustable' Chris? The ladder is in 4 pieces,so,it could be made shorter,but,that is about all mate...............'M'

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