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Thread: pigeon ratary

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    pigeon ratary

    hello i was looking to purchase a new pigeon rotary. could anyone give me some advice on a good one to buy. There seems to be so many on the market. cheers.

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    They all spin round and do the same job in my opinion, we have 2, one which I bought with extendable wings and a speed controller (now took the speed controller off) and an old one a mate made/welded out of some metal sheeting and rods and an old landrover windscreen wiper motor! They both do the same job.
    The best thing to do is run the magnet off a motorbike or car battery as the batteries supplied wont last more than 3/4 hours. I can use my car battery for about 2 days solid before it runs out.
    Get a turbo flapper too.

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    I have one supplied by A1decoys, which was under 70 which seems pretty competitive at todays rates. Includes a battery and goes round and round for quite a while.


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    They mostly all recycle rear screen wiper motors to make them as they have had very little use before they hit the scrap yard.

  5. #5 i'v bought all my gear from them and they have always been more than helpful.

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    It depends how often you go out and how much you want to pay.

    I have bought lots of magnets over the years, we do about 100 days commercial pigeon decoying each year and are in our 13th year now. I am currently using 4 from A1 decoys and have a couple of complaints, the down side is they run a 17amp/hr battery out in about 7 hours so you need 2 batteries to last a full day. Something you need to keep in mind with the car window wiper types. Also after 1 year I have just had to replace a top bearing on the spindal. Most of the 60 - 80 models dont last more than a year or 1000 hrs.
    By far the best ones we ever had were the Pinewood models, but you'll pay over 200 for them now.
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    I shoot about 100 pigeon days a year. and a few crow days as well. Since day one i have used a Pinewood. you do need to look after them as there are not bomb proof but the lightness of the rotary and only needing a 7amp battery for a days shooting will more than make up for the minor issues. I have had to replace a motor as and anti didnt like me shooting and stood in the way of the arms, broke a tooth on the gearbox.
    Very easy to look after. not cheap but worth every penny. i have had it 5 years so i guess i have had my moneys worth.

    hope that helps

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    I purchased mine nearly a decade ago from a gun shop south of Watford(? Rickmansworth) Custom built, not a windscreen motor in sight. Built by a chap who worked on electron microscopes if i remember correctly. Unbelievable bit of kit, light, flock coated so no glare, runs most of a session on a small battery. Shot hundreds/thousands of pigeon using it. Cost a small fortune but worth every penny.

    Will have a look in my journal and see if I can find details.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyres View Post
    I purchased mine nearly a decade ago from a gun shop south of Watford(? Rickmansworth)

    Will have a look in my journal and see if I can find details.


    country persuits mill end ?

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    Thats does seem v familiar. In v late last night will try to check tonight.


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