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Thread: Problem male lion urgent hunt

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    Problem male lion urgent hunt

    A permit was issued for huge problem male lion. Additional young male or female can be hunted.
    Contact urgently not to miss this hunt.
    Price 10 300 UK Pounds!!!
    Trophy will be refunded if not found( 4500 UK POUNDS)Lion pride is been pre baited to prevent killing more livestock.

    10 days set aside for this hunt.
    Place Namibia Adjoining Etosha reserve Near Otavi
    Outfitter Afrika Jag Safaris
    PH Lukas Holtshauzen

    Pickup and return from airport
    Board and lodging(full)
    Hunting vehicle
    PH fully licensed
    Tracker and skinners
    Field preparation of trophy
    Transport to taxidermist
    Plains game can be added at list price.
    Note:This is a pride of 9 wild lion roaming and killing livestock on Farm Vrede.For that reason a permit was issued to reduce the pride.A Nature Conservation guide must accompany the hunt according to the rules.

    Guys and ladies we can book this for a later date.I got extra time from the farmer.
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    Theo, welcome to the site

    Was great talking to you this morning..

    Dont forget your intro mate at the top of the forum page


    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Hi Terry I got some postponement on the problem lion from the farmer.there is 2 male lion available .There is a guy now trying for a leopard but if he doesn't get one he will go for one of the lion. Let me know when you can possibly go. I can play for time.

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    Hi Theo

    Sorry i missed your call

    I am unable to take the time off pal as am working away..

    Wish i could have made it


    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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