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    Toad alarms

    After recent events,mates pickup being stolen and my house and 4x4 keys being in his truck I've been trying to sort out my alarm,I found the alarm,got the serial number and toad gave me pin number,I tried it and led light not working as instructions,been back on the phone and they are saying its not a certain model I had instructions for,they said it may have an over ride button on it,I've put it all back together and now I mite have to take apart again,am awaiting further instructions,what a pain

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    I had to take it out again and take it apart to fid out 100 percent it was the right one,it was,was another prob I couldn't deal with so I called rac,when chap arrived he had to follow instruction from a chap who installs toad alarms,alarm is redundant for now and my 4x4 is de-immobilised,not sure what to do next at the moment.

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    I would cut it out and fit your own immobiliser, less aggravation and more of an obstacle for a car thief as it will not be in the usual places, thatcham approved alarms and immobilisers only have to resist a thief for thirty seconds if I remember correctly. Sure you can find an inventive switch position etc that would have the same effect.

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    So rac man said my frontera has vauxhall one already built in

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    Yes Frontera's do have alarm/immobiliser built in. If you need specific frontera help then may i suggest you try here:-

    They know them inside out.

    I have a Series B of 99 vintage and had afew problems which they helped sort out.

    New keys ....................................... don't go to VX as they are a rip off but buy a new uncut one off the web, the Series B has a chip in the horse shoe, mine came with only one key and VX wanted over 50 for that horseshoe bit I got one for 9.99 delivered. VX are fairly good on the fob it cosy 32 for a new one programmed. had the blank key cut locally and it's fine.

    Not that up on the Frontera's but if I can be of any further help?

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    Mines an s reg,not sure theydid a remote for early ones,got it coz the roof comes off in 15 seconds for lamping,it's perfect

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    You can get a device that attaches to the clutch and makes the motor inert. It fits under the bonnet onto the pipe work. The crafty Italians fit it to the brake system so if it drives off and you press the brake it locks on! Illegal to do that in the U.K. I will dig out the link.

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    Quote Originally Posted by swarovski View Post
    Mines an s reg,not sure theydid a remote for early ones,got it coz the roof comes off in 15 seconds for lamping,it's perfect

    Yes they did remotes for all of them. Series A and the facelift model that had coils springs instead of the series A's cart springs. With removable top you have the sport. Mine is the LWB 5 door.

    As I said that link has an entire forum for your sort of problems.

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    Thanks Brit I will check it out,taking the roof off it brilliant,portable semi highseat and it's a great platform for ammo testing when grass is long,used it like that yesterday evening,it's like bench rest shooting

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