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Thread: .260 Rem for fox & deer 6.5mm

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    .260 Rem for fox & deer 6.5mm

    I am shortly looking to re-barrel my .243" and was considering this or perhaps a 6.5x47.
    My .243" is my deer/ fox rifle ie. i can use it at night for foxes unlike my other deer guns which i can only use for fox while deerstalking. I wish to retain this facility and was considering using bullets around 120grn for all uk deer and 95gn Vmax for fox. If i can get the cops to agree.

    Has any of you lot got any 6.5mm calbre for similar?

    Have you used 120's on red /sika ? whats it like for nock down /meat damage?

    Whats the 95 Vmax like for fox?

    The rifle will be throated for deer bullets as this will be 90% of it's work

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    Up to now, I have used mine with 100Gn Nosler BT, on foxes, Roe and Fallow, Meat Damage can be noticeable on Roe at close range , less than 50yds, Fallow no problem at all. Foxes, well.... as expected!

    Dropped the Fox on the spot.

    Fallow took 5 paces and dropped.

    Cull Buck, Bang Flop, knocked off its feet , went nowhere.

    However, i intend to have the tight throat opened out as i want to be able to use 120 Gn BT and get away from having to neck turn the brass.

    The rifle is a Tikka 595 ( ex .243) with Shilen 26" Match barrel and obviously a McSwirly stock.

    It works for me if thats any help in your deliberations!



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    Have inquired to mcMillan about getting a stock for my 595 which is 7-08 rem. Got one already on my Sako, looks good what is the blend ? is the 595 thier model 6? thats the only one i can find listed.

    Wouldn't use 100grn bullet for deer otherwise i would stick with .243" Got a mate using 120 Hornady says it is awsome on Fallow and smaller but yet to try on RED / Sika.

    Realy looking for that bit more wack and in a package that is lighter than my 7mm which only works 140's up. Sort of like a grown- up .243"

    Nice grizzly picktures

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    The stock is a Sako Hunter inletted for the Tikka 595 action, and its a neat job, they started inletting for that action to order about 3 years ago, as far as I remember. The blend is 60%black 40% forest green .

    The 100 grain bullets in .264 are a different beast altogether from the 100 's in .243 , thats MHO , but doubtless others will have different opinions. I agree wiith your thoughts, and if I had known then what I know now, I would have specified chambering and throat for the 120's. Ho Hum, we live and learn.

    I also have a 7-08 which is used with heavier bullets, usually 140 for deer and 150 for pigs. Also a great short action calibre.

    I am going the 6.5x55 route too, and see what that gives me as an all rounder. Another set of mysteries to solve I expect!

    Good luck with yours, which ever 6.5 calibre you end up with.


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    But the 6.5 x 55 is a practical twin other than action size is it not?

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    How many legs has that fox?

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    Yep..... to all intents the same ballistics, but the 6.5x55 has better availability of standard brass and factory loads. The.260 is really a handloaders calibre in UK in my experience, and I now await incoming from those who disagree, but we all have different ideas and enthusiasms. I was also swayed by availability of a suitable action on a shelf or I might well have gone for a 6.5x47 !

    The fox had previously lost the lower part of that hind leg, and wasn't too mobile, but obviously healed up and must have been earning a living somehow. he was resident close to the 'pens' , so he had to go !


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    thought 6.5x47 was .308" action and bolt compatable, anyone?

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    I have a 6.5X55 SE and use 129 gr Hornady Interlocks in it. I have never used it on anything other than Roe and Sika, both of which it has handled with no trouble at all. A Sika stag will not go far after getting hit with it and from my experience Sika hinds go nowhere at all. Roe also normally just fall over. I cannot imagine that it would do anything other than destroy a fox, providing you do not load them too hot. The Swede does not need to be driven at high speed to get the job done.


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    Nice looking rifle in the pics. I have been thinking about a custom stock for a bit, can I ask if you dont mind how much one of those little beauties set you back (going on a Sako 75 short action)? What is the delivery time, and do they add much weight to the combo?

    Thanks, sorry for going off thread!


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