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Thread: Scope mounts

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    Scope mounts

    Hi all, I'm putting a new scope on my Remington 700 .270 and have decided to start from scratch and fit new bases and rings.
    Any tuppenceworth for what to fit. They clearly aren't all the same - price reflects this.

    Steel or alloy?

    Nightforce or Burris or any ideas?

    Thanks DMD

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    DMD. I am gradually moving over to rails on my rifles. The 243 in my gallery now has a Third Eye Tactical 0 MOA rail. Once you have a rail, there's a wide choice of good rings to sit on top. There are Burris Signature Rings on the 260 Rem in my gallery. Good luck. JCS

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    JCS, a rail is a top option that i am considering.... 0 moa or 20 moa - its good to have a play at distances too.

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    The rings from 3rd eye tactical are very good indeed!
    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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    I've got dnz reaper mounts on mine and think there the best thing since sliced bread light and strong as an ox don't look to bad either......
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    Third eye rail & rings for me. Can't see myself looking elsewhere for a while.

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    I have been pleased with Leupold steel weaver bases and PRW rings. Possibly cheaper than some options and pretty solid in my experience.

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    3rd eye 4 me 2.

    ​" How Much !"

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