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    hi im just wondering does any one on here load a 75grain varmint round for foxes if so could you help me with some load data and give me an idea on how it shoots thanks stu

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    I've used 75gr v-max,awesome truly awesome,I found it shot really really well on 49.7gr of varget,i thought it was max load at the time until I got some hornaday data which was 50.7gr of varget,can't recall seating depth off hand,around 15 fow off ish,atb swarovski

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    Hornady manual states 48.9 gr varget = 3500fps 50.7gr varget = 3600fps

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    swarovski thanks for that im going to develope a round that shoots aswell as my 100 grain b t.i load a 49 grains h4380 cci primer behind my 100 grain nosler and im hoping to get the 75 grain to hit the same zero with a bit of load development hopefully il let you know more later atb stu

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