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Thread: Buffalo clothing

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    Buffalo clothing

    Does anyone use the buffalo special 6 shirt ? How do you rate it , and Most importantly , is it waterproof ?

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    I had one, they are not waterproof and my personal view is that they are good if you are static, but too warm for activity. That may be just me and the lack of a zip means its difficult to cool off. If you want warm and windproof with a zip the Snugpack jackets are good.
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    Thanks for the reply , sorted .

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    I have a Special 6 shirt, and the lighter version in pertex 4 with a micro fleece liner.
    No not waterproof, but if you are active it takes a lot of rain to get you wet as the shirt is so breathable it evaporates faster than it gets in.
    I seem to remember the special 6 is supposed to keep at an 1" an hour out ?
    I would not be without them, or the jacket and sleeping bag to match.


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    Simply the best stalking gear money can buy, amazed more lads on SD don't use it.

    Edit...full length side zips for complete ventilation on the spesh six.
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    I use the mountain shirt, brilliant. The belay jacket has a full length zip, but the mountain shirt has two way underarm zips. Not water proof, but amazing kit. Being on a mountain in winter with only the buffalo top, used with nothing underneath it and being too warm is pretty impressive.

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    Dont rule out the Montane Extreme Smock as a very good Buffalo alternative.
    I tried both side by side and the montane fitted me better (not as long in the body as the Special 6) plus it also comes with a decent hood and reinforced material along the underneath of the forearm for extra protection. Very similar to the Buffalo but I felt it was a better made smock.
    I also picked up the salopettes recently and they will be great for highseat and winter foxing.
    As already mentioned, they are very warm and probably too much for summer stuff but apart from that, great kit.

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    I have used the replica made by arktis for years and I think they are brill. No they are not waterproof but fairly resistant, having said that they retain a huge amount of heat even if wet, and then dry quickly. Highly reccomended.

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    Seconded for the Montane Extreme. Also available in jacket form with a full length zip as an alternative to the smock. Highly recommended.

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    All sound very good , but if it's heavy rain , am I going to get wet ?

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