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Thread: Leupold M8 6 x 42 Scope

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    Leupold M8 6 x 42 Scope

    I have a surplus Leupold M8 6 x 42 scope the same as this one:
    It is gloss black with a duplex reticle and a 1" tube. The glass is totally mint and there are only very minor marks externally to distinguish it from new. I would grade it as 9.5/10!
    This is a cracking little scope with superb low light optics and is an ideal woodland scope.
    I had one of these when i first started stalking and it was fantastic! This one has been sat on a .22 rimfire for ages and not used! Note: this is also advertised on the airgun BBS.
    Yours for 175 posted!

    Now reduced to 160!!!!!
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    Now advertised on another forum also (Airgun BBS).

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    Reduced to clear!!!!

    Now 160 !

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