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Thread: Nice to meet new folk!!

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    Nice to meet new folk!!

    Hi. I'm new to stalking but VERY lucky enough to have a couple of permissions where I can shoot Fallow so I though it best to find a good forum to help me and share experiences!
    Although I shot airguns and worked with the local keeper when I was younger (30 years younger!) I recommenced my shooting activities about 8 years ago with the shotgun on clays and occasional game. 18 months ago I got my FAC with rimfire and centrefire calibres (.17, .22, .223, .308). Since then I have been very active on the rabbits, squirrels and occasional fox. I have several friends who can help me with my early stalking forays but the more info the better as far as I am concerned!
    So far I have been out twice and just seen does.....I just have to find the boyfriends now!!
    Happy hunting to all!

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    Welcome to the site and good luck with your stalking,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Welcome to the SD chap ,it's good that you have some pals to share the whole experience with far more enjoyable ,sure to meet a few on here too
    regards Norma

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