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Thread: Info on fluted sako bolt ??

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    Info on fluted sako bolt ??

    Hi, is there any members that know of any one that does fluting on the sako bolts, I have seen many pictures of them done, but when I have contacted a few dealers they say they can't be done. yet I have seen plenty of pics of them done, there is a dealer in new Zealand but too fair to send my bolt, thanks

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    Dave at valkyrie rifles did my rem 700 bolt fluting and tactical bolt handle - bloody good job he did too!!

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    Info here:

    Looks like it does depend on which sako bolt type it is though!

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    Hi, thanks i emailed them yesterday and got a reply! they don't do sako

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    what is the purpose of a fluted bolt?

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    purely aesthetics on a factory bolt looks good!
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Pic is from a bolt i saw already done!
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    Yep looks good!
    Its the same fluting that he uses on his custom actions.
    Better grip with the bolt handle too

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    I have a Tikka 590 and remember John Carr (Doncaster) telling me that he could flute the bolt on that but not on Sako's bolt. I think it is something to do with the extractor.

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    I think Steve kershaw quoted me 120 to flute the bolt on my sako 75 so may be worth giving him a call.

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