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Thread: ppi money through do i get a mitsubishi l200 / td5 disco / p38 rangerover

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    ppi money through do i get a mitsubishi l200 / td5 disco / p38 rangerover

    just got my ppi money got about 4000 and unsure what truck to get ive currently got a 300tdi disco but want to ungrade help please

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    Give half to me and buy a cheaper 4x4

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    Don't touch a P38 with a barge pole unless your expecting another payout soon. They spend more time in the garage than on the road.
    L200 good trucks and the separate back is very useful in keeping the cab a nicer place to be whilst having all the crap in the back. Make sure it has a rear top though.
    TD5 good residual values especially if you get a 90/110. However make sure once again that your good with a spanner, have a good pair of ear defenders and what money you gain back when you decide to sell it can go along way to paying for the years of chiropractor work you'll need afterwards!!

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    Don't buy the p38 too many reliability problems and high part prices, td5's are better and more family
    friendly than the l200 but you will get a newer car for your 4k with the pick up just make sure the
    service history is up to date.

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    I know plenty of people with TD5 and they have had far more problems than I have ever had with my L200 and would pick reliability as a key deciding factor when choosing a 4x4, parts are easy to come by cheaply from Milners Off Road too.
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    L200 all the way my old man has had his for around 4 years now, bought it second hand with very low mileage used it in the UK and then shipped it over to Cyprus using it daily up in the mountains of Paphos, never let's him down.

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    I was looking for 3 months for a TD5, I could only get a high milage for the 3K I was wanting to spend, there are a few about the 85K miles that do come up, but few and far between.....If you're in no rush, shop about, take your time. You will find far more available for the 4K you have. Read up about them, ACE (Active Cornering Enhancement) Suspension can cause problems as can the Air bag suspension, which in turn causes the compressor to fail. Also issues with the injector rail. The engine though, is one of the best on the market, looked after, will go over 200K.

    I have ended up with a L200 myself, came with a CaddyBox rear fitted, MPG is much and such the same as a TD5 so nothing gained or lost there.

    P38, I just wouldn't!
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    L200 , the only thing i dont like is they have the turning circle of an ocean going liner !!!
    TD5 disco very good but as already been said suspension issues (just replaced my air with springs )

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    Hi Ive had both a L200 which was a good truck no problems at all, and a P38 Range thingy fantastic drive but expencive to maintain.
    Cant comment on the disco
    I would have a L200 again hope this is of use

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    The engine though, is one of the best on the market, looked after, will go over 200K.

    Tartinjock i would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the seven grand bolt failures of the TD5 they are no where near as good an engine as the TD 300 series numurous have head gasket failures arround 90k on the clock. I had TD5 Disco with all the suspension problems you stated above several times in the eight years i had it. The TD5 Disco also has a reputation that beyond eight years old they become a problem this i have seen with many of my friends that also had them. Back to the OP i would recommend getting Toyota Hilux they are the best utility truck.



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