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Thread: Electric fence for pheasant pen

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    Electric fence for pheasant pen

    I have a large release pen aprox 170 linear metres around the perimeter, having problems with voltage drop, if I use two leisure batteries with two energisers with this cause any problems, higher voltage ect or interference with the energisers.

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    You have short somewhere, better to try and find it cheaper in the long run.

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    170 metres is not a large pen for one fencer to work, as Taff has suggested there is a short on the fence or excessive resistance with your insulators, either way it is easier to fix the fence, and it will work better.

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    I also would think you have a short somewhere. A Pel 5 should cover that length ok. On your knees and cover every inch of the wire,you should hear it ticking somewhere or have a look at dusk you should see the spark.

    Good luck.

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    Thanks for the input guys, I'll let you know the outcome.

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    Deffo dead short somewhere I like about 3 thousand volts going round my big pen .get your nose on that mr foxy .

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    I agree with all the above, it's one of the easiest things to do to miss a short somewhere. I would suggest that if you haven't got one a fence voltage tester is a good investment. They don't cost much and you will know exactly what voltage your fence is carrying. A 12 volt leisure battery if in good condition will last quite a long time and as has been said the run of fence you have is not really very much.

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    Have you got a good earth peg driven well in and make sure no vegitation is touching. Putting to energisers on the same lenght of fence can Knacker one of them.

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    A fence tester is a real asset, preferably a digital one. A good metal spike in the ground will make a good earth. Try clipping the fence into shorter sections to find where your short is. If you want to have another battery, get another fencer and have another wider fence; that'll keep the blighters away.

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    Start at the beginning
    is your fence unit big enough to cover the amount of fence you want to electrify
    for the size of your pen I would look at a 1km unit which should cope with any small shorts such as grass or sticks on the fencing
    i take it the batteries are in good nick
    check to see of your fence unit is working properly by testing it with a fence tester
    if not check your earth and batteries
    If good and I would expect it to light up all lights on your tester
    then connect to electric fence
    if charge is lost at that point
    look at each connector to see if there is a short and
    Check the fence is not shorting out any where or if using wire fencing check for rust spots
    alu wire is not the best to use and stretches causing fault probs
    if all looks fine
    Then look at it in a different way, are you using single strand or double strand around the pen
    if double strand , seperate the top and bottom wire and see what both read on the tester
    All about process of elimination

    You will need atleast 3000 volts on the tester to be on the safe side
    less than that you are dicing with trouble
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