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Thread: Poor Manners In This Section

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    Poor Manners In This Section

    John, I am pleased to see you are doing something to improve the manners of new site members.
    I irritates me when a new member appears on this site with one post to their name & either asks for,or offers to sell stalking.
    There is an introductions area on the site, & as far as I can see many new members just do not make the effort, but instead come straight on here looking for what they can get for themselves.
    On the other hand there are people on this site who have made a lot of effort to share their knowledge & experiences, these people are Established on here, & whether I agree with them or not, I respect them for this commitment.
    The people with just a few posts on this area of the forum, I will continue to treat with caution.
    Excuse my grumble, this has been bothering me for a while.

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    I have to admit I agree with you DL. I for one get rather tired of people who are jumping on the bandwagon here.

    Whilst I have no problem with folk offering their services for free stalking, or providing they pay the paltry sum of 10 a month placing an advert in these sections both John and myself are becoming rather tired of people taking the P..s.

    If you do not introduce yourselves properly on this site you will be removed as far as I am concerned. I am always suspicious of those who join but do not introduce themselves, Trolls in the making possibly

    So take note, introduce yourself or move on.


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    Sikamalc, Glad to see that it's not just me thinking this way.
    Some of the posts have been diluting the standard of opportunities in this section.
    My reservation is that if someone has very few posts, then the person isn't accountable, whereas if someone has a couple of hundred posts behind them, you can be reasonably confident that they will do what they can to keep their good name & maintain their reputation.
    If a person is putting stalking up, & you have agreed with what they have had to say in the past, the opportunity would be approached with more confidence & peace of mind than when dealing with an unknown, who may just cut & run.
    I'm sure we've all heard stories of guided stalks on ground that the agent doesn't even have permission for, & in a worst case scenario, this sort of thing could happen on here if members aren't careful with their arrangements & choice of individual. Danny

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    Difficult one this. I think that coming on purely to offer stalking for profit is not acceptable. All businesses have to pay for advertising so why should Stalking Directory be a freeby!
    On the point of coming on and asking if stalking is available, well if I remember correctly, I think that I did just that. I had not long started stalking and like most newbies, was desparate to get out there and squeeze the trigger. Now, as the longest poster still on here (I think), I would like to think that I have been a reasonable contributer to the site since. I suspect if I had got a flea in my ear for being desparate to get out and about in the first place then I doubt I would have hung around.

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    manners stalking

    andy can you please give me a few pointers as to how I get some stalking I have not been on the site very long but am a regular, did I mention I had my first deer ref photo on site sorry could not resist, honestly though I dont want to appear pushy after what has been posted.
    cheers tone,

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    Tony you are not being pushy the post is aimed at people who log straight on and then ask for money for stalking, without introducing themselves first.

    Nice to see you got your first deer. If you need a bit more experience PM me and I will see if I can fit you in for a go on the Roe later in the year, on me

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    Well done Malc, once again!
    Well Tony, all I can say is keep trying. If nothing else, get out and do some free vermin control, keep mentioning is to any landowners you know and other than that, keep door knocking. Sometimes this can make you feel like a pikey looking for scrap but sometimes it can work. I am still trying to get more permission but I have enough for a bit of fun at the moment.

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    thanks andy,
    I work for rentokil as a pest control tecnician/surveyor you would think this would be an ideal position to be in as regards land and meeting farmers etc, but it does seem to have the opposite effect, thank for your advise I will keep at it, thank you ,

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    thanks andy,
    I work for rentokil as a pest control tecnician/surveyor you would think this would be an ideal position to be in as regards land and meeting farmers etc, but it does seem to have the opposite effect, thank for your advise I will keep at it, thank you ,

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    Hoorah! Manners cost nothing, I stopped looking at the site as it was rapidly becoming a free advertising forum. I have recently lost some land because some guide has nicked it for cash, how I look forward to meeting him!!


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