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    A Max

    This has probably been discussed before and not sure where to post this but opted for here. My question is regarding A Max for deer, I know there are posts on here regarding them being good for deer and there are countless posts on the net regarding their use for deer. As I understand it they used to be advertised as a deer bullet but I am not sure if there are now. Now I know a FMJ, dimple type match bullet etc should not be used on deer but am told A Max will expand and so will kill deer with ease. What are the views on their use? as if they do indeed expand in a 'controlled' manner ( what-ever that is ) and could be shown to do so ie in ballistic gel, then would that satisfy the regs? Or is it a case of even if a bullet will expand , if it is called a match bullet it cannot be used and if for example bullets such as BTs, V Max and SSTs were re-branded as match bullets would their use now become questionable?

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    This one may get a visit from Admin!!.............. Why not have a look at the existing thread/s/s/s/ first? Steve.
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    Lol.. I did but couldnt get a definative answer, though I would like to know as I have been told by sales folk in shops etc that they are good for deer and then spent five minutes arguing the toss saying although they may kill a deer they arent actually legal. Would be good to get an answer once and for all from someone who might know.

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    Ahh haaa, just found the answer I think, did not see this before
    Now , I must nip outside to flog that dead horse lol

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    Glad you found it, saved me a job

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    a guy i know emailed hornady and asked them what was the difference between a-max and v-max.
    the reply was........."the box"

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    With genuine great respect to all the posters on this thread, I would say this topic has been ably - if admittedly protractedly - covered in previous threads and mostly to the overall discredit of the Forum.

    An Admin statement as a sticky - such as was issued regards off-ticket moderator issue - would I feel be beneficial to all. Chickenman's query is one that keeps arising and one purpose of the forum is a resource to answer such queries - so no issue that he seeks to resolve it. But a straightforward sticky would save the frequent bun fight that follows. Equally, the previous posts are so numerous and long that I can sympathise fully that a search is not always effective in clarifying this question.

    To that end - and not sure if entitled to request this - and certainly in doing so wish to be clear no reflection intended upon Chickenman - would locking this thread not save a lot of 'heartache'?
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    I certainly dont mind you saying that Moray as I wanted to get the answer regarding A max and will be printing a selection of the old replies off to keep. I never realised it had been covered before but even so it is a double edged sword as it highlight the issue for those who might be recommended A max and believe what a someone in a shop tells them, which I cannot understand when there are so many bullets designed for the sole purpose of culling deer. I trust a few more will be educated.

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    Chickenman - thank you for your understanding response - phew! Last thing I wanted was it to be considered any form of personal slight.

    With hindsight I should have PM'd you firstly - and I apologise unreservedly for that.

    I fully agree with your position regards ready access to a 'considered position' on a subject that does keep coming up - hence suggestion that a sticky would be a good idea. On subject of searches, I can't myself find a previous post on the subject that I thought Admin did - which covered things nicely and could simply be pasted to such a sticky. Could well have been from someone else... or the my fantasy world: real world boundaries are blurring.... again
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    chickenman my experience is that advise offered by many (not all) gun shop staff is often wrong, often very wrong.

    Moray Outfitting I've previously suggested that the position regarding A-Max bullets be made a sticky perhaps just repeating the statements made by BASC and the NRA following consultations with ACPO and the Home Office. Unfortunately that suggestion appears to have been overlooked by the site staff.

    Leadpig that's certainly not the reply that I had from Hornady when I consulted them some 18 months or so ago, and not the reply that they gave to BASC or the NRA either from what I can gather.
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