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Thread: Blaser .308 wanted

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    Blaser .308 wanted

    looking for a blaser .308 in near future (subject to variation).
    anyone selling or know of one in a shop?

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    found one!

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    Hi Bucksden.
    Good to hear that there is another Blaser fan out there, I was feeling quite lonely here.
    What barrel has your new rifle got?
    I quite fancy the look of the match grade for .308 and wonder if you or anyone else on the forum has used one. I currently have a Professional in .243 but want something heavier for the bigger stuff.
    Any advice from yourself or anyone else on the forum would be appreciated.
    Advice about blasers that is, suggestions to trade in for a traditional (old-fashioned) model will be treated with suitable disdain.
    Cheers mate.

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    all i know is its a .308 - hopefully using it tomorrow for the first time - will purchase when variation comes through.

    i have used blaser in .243 and .270 on the range and have carried a 30-06 while stalking although not fired one.

    word from a deer manager i know is dont buy a target barrel for stalking.

    litts in newport have an allroad .308 with jagmatch barrel and jet-z mod for 1250 (no mounts) and i looked at that. they even let me put a standard barrel in the stock which is very free floating compared to the target barrel in the more open stock. i dont think the heavy barrel fits in the standard stock - but i may be wrong.

    mclouds in scotland have a couple of luxux versions in .308 which look like and ok deal to.

    as for being a blaser fan, i'll let you know when i've had one for a while, i'm buying one because 2 people whose judgement that i trust swear by them, and after 18 months of sorting out a pro-hunter, i want something that wont mess me around, and will hit the spot every time.

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    Thanks for the advice bucksden,
    The "match" barrel for the blaser isn't really a target barrel at all, it's more like a fluted stalking barrel that you would see on the likes of an RPA, Sako or Sauer, it's also quite short compared to the average target barrel at just over 24.5 ins, but I really need to try one in my stock before I make up my mind.
    According to the Blaser website the jagdmatch barrel should fit ok in the professional stock, but of course I would like to make sure before I shell out the hard earned.
    Let me know how you get on with the .308, what model it was etc, I'm seriously considering getting a heavier calibre barrel and any advice is welcome, especially from a user rather than a dealer.
    Good luck and thanks.

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    This is something I picked up off another non UK site.

    "Just thought some might like to see a few pics of the Blaser 93 , sorry to say that its NOT complete , but it shows the important bits like the bolt and locking splines etc .

    This is just pics of one incident , as far as I know there has been at least 3 , may be more , I just know enough to steer WELL clear of it .

    There are far better designed and made rifles to EVER bother with this , just NOT worth IT ."

    I beleive that they are caused by a primer being pierced , and the gas flowing back and melting a plastic disc that cams the locking fingers/splines into battery , then the bolt unlocks REAL quick , into your face .

    Are you sure you still want a Blaser?

    Best rgds


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    At least your post includes pics, but it still rehashes an OLD story.
    A couple of early Blasers let go when a metal pin broke following corrosion, in later models this has been replaced by a stainless pin.
    I checked my manual and as far as I can see there is no pastic disc which can be burnt through by a primer. Believe me the Germans are very thorough on stuff like that, if it isn't in the drawings it isn't in the rifle.
    I don't know if you are in the NRA or not, but if you are, read their latest journal. After a few incidents involving "normal" actioned rifles with good old homeloading the suspect, Bisley are discussing how to police reloaders. An overhot load will blow any rifle apart and/or bits of it into your face (and I'm prepared to bet that's what happened in those awful pics, the bits suggest a breech explosion too), one incident and a couple of rumours aren't enough to write off anything (unless it's concorde).
    Thanks anyway, but I'm used to the luddite approach by now.
    The last guy who tried it had a miss-fire on the range in his conventional rifle using a friend's homeload (they advise against that in most rifle courses and the DSC1 cos it's stupid), then proceeded to ignore any missfire procedure I know of, and immediately extracted the problem round and put it in a box with all his fresh ammo, about 180rds worth, but he still felt up to criticising my rifle choice on safety grounds!!!
    I'm not saying for a moment that your are the same kind of muppet, but as we say to the antis, it's not the rifle at fault, it's usually the user.

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    fired the .308 and a .30-06 blaser yesterday - both with homeloads.
    shot bang on, with same poi as owner.
    in the words of a better man than me will be mine!
    subject to thames valley police, of course.

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    Hello all,

    First time on here, so be gentle guys.
    Ive Been watching this posting with interest as the blaser R93 has always interested me and it seems to generate strong reactions for and against.

    Ive just got my variation through for a blaser in both 6.5X55 and 9.3X62 (for Africa). Though I havent owned one personally (until now) My stalking buddy has had one since 2001 and I have regularly used it and seen it used in .300 win mag. 6.5X55 and 9.3 X 62 both here and in South Africa. I have always been impressed by its ability to group well in all calibres and have the same p.o.i even after the flight to Africa and having several barrel and scope changes.
    I could not say the same of my Sako which does not enjoy the flight at all and always needs a good few rounds to find zero again and settle down. Another friend has just got the Professional camo in 6.5X55 and when we took it to the Range. It was just 3" off zero and thumbnail grouping out of the box using factory Sako 156 grain!! even the bench rest boys were impressed.

    I also heard about the "blow ups" which have apparenntly occurred and tried to find out more detail and, as geoshot says, the problem seems to be gas pressures well in excess of design limits. This link explains it a bit better than I can.
    and this one may be of interest

    Interestingly once you start looking up blow ups and failures generally, you will find references to failiures in conventional bolt actions too. Ironically i found several references to failures in the Sako stainless range of rifles,
    the very rifle I shoot with ! so its out of the frying pan etc......

    I`ll tell you another day about the all the "fun" I had getting the variation through !!


    Phil the stuff

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    i still want one, not put off in any way by the blaser antis!

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