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Thread: 20 bore semi auto - cheap gun

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    20 bore semi auto - cheap gun


    I have a Hat San 20 bore semi auto for sale. It is the wood stock youth model with a 24 inch multichoke barrel (3 inch chamber) and is in good condition, having been used only lightly. It would be an ideal and inexpensive gun to introduce someone to shooting and would be ideal for rough, pigeon or informal clay shooting.

    My son who is a thin 10 year old has been shooting it for the last 12 months or so and does very well with it having no problems with the recoil.. It cycles 21 gram Express clay loads and numerous other game loads reliably. I must admit that I quite often put a slip on recoil pad on and use it myself!!

    The gun comes with 5 multichokes and several spare o ring seals (we are still on the first one).

    Reason for sale is that my boy had a clay lesson today and shot better with an over and under. My gun cabinet is groaning and I cannot fit another one in so this needs to go before we can look for an O/U

    I am looking for 250 plus dealer transfers if required at cost price.

    I will try to add some pics soon


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    Gun now in storeage with dealer as bought another and need the space in the cabinet. Price now reduced to 175

    Come on guys, someone must need a nice light semi

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    Sold to Ian67 pending the usual

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