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Thread: Bushnell Videoscope

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    Bushnell Videoscope

    Anybody tried one of these?

    Bushnell Videoscope

    The first thought that springs to mind is that it might miss the most important bit, the actual bullet strike, while the rifle is falling back from the recoil.

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    I'm trying to remember the section in the DSC1 handbook....

    It's something like it takes 15/100's of a second for the bullet to hit a target 100m away and 5/100's after that you feel the recoil.

    Maybe it would see the strike for 5/100's of a second. About 1 frame of video!!!!


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    I did a search on YouTube and found an angry Yank complaining his Videoscope will not power up in cold weather. He says it works well indoors and in the gunshop. He said that he was unable to get his money back and sounded quite miffed.
    He filmed it all in his hide with one camera and had another one set up for the deer and seemed to know his stuff.

    Here's the link

    I was thinking about one but this has put me off. I've had an inline stock made for my T3 so it has eliminated muzzle flip so that wouldn't have been a problem.

    Years ago I fitted a small cheap videocamera onto the foreend of my shotgun. The only thing I had to do was beef up the spring contacts on the batteries as the recoil cut the power. Although the footage wasn't high definition it was interesting to watch later. Six of us used to shoot clays and the banter picked up by the microphone could be very amusing!

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    Thanks chaps. Look like I'll just have to spend my money on something else . . . like a new gun or more stalking!

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    I'll be keeping an eye out and I'm sure as the electronics gets better there will be something coming out that is suitable.

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    if you've got bags of cash you could even try the Elcan scope/camera. Link here

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    Thanks again Dr Spin.

    I'm afraid those $$$s are too much for me. I think my only option is a visit to Argos and buy a small handheld DVR to strap on the fore end. Either that or invite someone along to do the filming for me!

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