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Thread: 3rd shot going high

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    3rd shot going high


    I was trying some Winchester 100g .243 today - the first two shots were spot on, but the third was 2" out every time (left or right and up or down).

    Shooting 90g Sako all 3 shots are fine.

    I was shooting off my roe sack to simulate real life, with the moderator on at 100m.

    Without the mod the goups were appalling, so im more than happy to cart it around on the rifle!

    Its no problem really, just curious whether im the likely cause or the rifle?



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    Almost certainly its due to the barrel heating up. I was checking my zero last night and had forgotton quite how quickly the barrel does warm up - I had one bullet go about 2 inchs high yesterday - I know one shot felt I did pull it, but could easily have been the barrel warming up. Also was it a it windy. - shot three other groups - three round each - all touching and all bang on target so was happy.

    You do need to allow the barrel to cool for a while between shots - up to 5 minutes if you are wanting really good groups. Leave the bolt open between shotsto allow air to circulate also helps.

    My advice is not to worry about it - if your first shot is on the money consitently then more than adequate. If you ever need three quick shots then provided they are into a four inch circle you have more than adequate accuracy for hunting purposes.

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    Thanks for the reassurance.

    Always looking to improve, whether thats me or the equipment (usaually me!)



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    I had a similar problem with my standard ren 700 first two rounds would go where you pointed it and the third would be out a bit still sub inch so not too much to complain about but it is just down to the barrel heating up


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    that's 2 dead deer and a 3rd one too, even thou you pulled it slightly

    no matter how much you practice on the range, you just need to look at how your rifle prints on a constant basis with the ammo you are using
    other wise you start to doubt your and the rifle's ability
    if you can group with-in 2inch at 100 yards all day long then you will do for me
    any bigger grouping than that then the shots you are able to take become more limited and the ranges that you take those shots at
    just relax and enjoy the experiences that are about to unfold
    knowing that your rifle is more than adequately zeroed in to cope

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    Chech if your barrel is free floated. If there is contact with the stock on a point on the barrel then when the barrel heats up and expands it will push on this pont causing the hight shot. If it is not free floated you could use a dremel to free float it. Be careful not to remove too much material though.

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    Why Shoot 3

    Why shoot a third when the 1st 2 shots are bang on?

    The deer/fox, rabbit etc, would be dead.

    you are knocking what looks like a very decent setup


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    I wonder whether the difficulty is the result of the moderator heating up, rather than the barrel?

    I've certainly observed this with a .243 I used to have: modless group of 3 no prob, with mod two on, third elsewhere.

    I was disheartened until I left a couple of mins after the first two, and then found the third was back on. To be honest, it was never that far off; but far enough to make me wonder what was going wrong.

    I'm still not fond of using a mod when I might have to fire many shots in quick succession, like when hind-stalking.

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    What happens if you fire five shots?~Muir

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    In my old BSA .243 I got on well with most factory ammo until I bought some Winchester 100gr. They just would not group well at all. I pulled the bullets on a few and replaced the powder with an accurately measured dose of Re22 and replaced the bullets. They grouped under an inch after that.

    I've also found on some factory rounds that if you break the crimp on the round by using a kinetic puller, but not knocking the bullet out completely, and then reseat the bullet to the correct depth you can improve the grouping.
    Just something else to try if you have access to reloading gear. But changing the powder worked best for me as a last resort.


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