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Thread: Fox calling already ?

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    Fox calling already ?

    I have heard a fox on two separate occasions now rather pee's me off as we have standing crops still and poults getting adventurous .
    i have a reversing bleeper wired up and bleeping near one pen perhaps it was complaining about the noise .anyone else heard any ?
    regards Norma

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    Just the odd isolated calling, off in the distance , about three times this last couple of months.
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    The only one I've heard recently was inside my Foxpro caller last night. Nothing came to it, so I switched to 'young rat distress', and a big dog fox I've been after for weeks came steaming in. The moment I switched my laser illuminator on (I was using NV), he did an emergency stop and turned and ran. He wasn't able to outrun my .22-250 though.

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    had one about 15 yards behind me the other day calling, had heard it from close to there the day before. Really canny and very lamp shy so its a challenge and pit of wills at the moment but its day will come

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    Heard one calling in wood behind me the other night, shot an old dog fox sat on the hill listening intently and a big cub doing the same about 5 mins later, just luck, good for me, bad for them! (Didn't see or get the noisy bugger!)

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    yep heard one last week,could hear it but not see it,tried the vixen call hoping he might come out but nothing.

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    Yup heard it on Friday night while out lamping

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    I shot one last week ,I called it in with a territory call down loaded to my smart phone

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    Very early eh ? Full moon coming perhaps or just calling thier mates to my pen

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    Thank Gawd for that. Heard one two nights ago: thought I was imagining it!.
    Best get that 250 working so you can send me a few more 'empties' and I can get you paid up .

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