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Thread: Steyr Mannlicher Pro Hunter MK2 .243

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    Steyr Mannlicher Pro Hunter MK2 .243

    I have for sale my Steyr, I have owned it for about 3 years and in that time its had about 60-100 rounds through it.
    There are a couple of marks on the barrel from the mod but nothing major its good condition. I can now offer the rifle with a new wild cat mod and
    a 3x10x50 simons scope, unsure on the model but in great condition included are mounts and rings, as ive put a deposit on a steyr stainless pro hunter in 2506 with a mod and scope on it.
    Come on chaps 1,115 views and no takers

    Any questions pm or call 07786034168
    Thanks luke
    Sling not included

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Good luck Luke ,great gun I have 2 and am after a 3rd all but a classic 1/2 stock ,put my 243 on here a while back and no takers eventually chopped it at sportsmans for a 6.5 pro mnt .

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    Cheers Norma

    Was thinking the same, thought i would put an advert out as it's free to see if there was any interest. Im after a 2506 would stay with the pro hunter or maybe even the classic stock myself.
    ATB Luke

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    Bump Price drop!!!

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    Revised the title

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    Sportsmans gave me 550 for the same rifle chap with no mod just a thought and they brought it unseen I just rfd to them and they sent me my 6.5 on return rfd .
    kind regards

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    The sports man is about 20 mins up the road from me norma, i try to avoid it like the plauge. Done a deal on a 25-06 from sportarm for a complete setup, just swap the scope and can over to the 243 and put my scope and can on the 25-06 and hey presto.

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    I just can't understand why people have so much trouble selling steyr's!!
    i had a classic in 223, i sold it because i was getting something custom ( traded it in at sportsman), worst thing i have ever did!
    i shot more foxes with that rifle than any other i've owned! well built, accurate & never let me down!!

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    me neither i got two of them 6.5x55 and .243. We should start a pressure group against anti steyr folk.

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