I was playing with the laser cutter at work and thought these would be quite a handy idea.

I have two yellow and ten red.

The plan is to keep them on a keyring with a little bit of string and, should you need to mark where you took the shot, range markers etc etc, you can un-clip it and leave it in the tree/ on a stick and it is easily found without being too much bother to carry.

I have sold a few to a couple of organisations who seemed to like the idea.

The light gathering acrylic, also known as flourescent acrylic 'glows' on all the edges as light hits it. This includes all the engraved edges.

I have done a handful with my website address on which I will send out for 2 each which covers paypal, postage and the envelope.

I will probably be able to do more to a design, but as I have to trace any logo there will be a setup cost and a small cost per keyring after that. Text is obviously cheaper.

I'm back at work next week when I should be able to start them again, but they won't be a two day turn around.