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Thread: Early Fallow rut signs

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    Early Fallow rut signs

    Got back yesterday midday from stalking with two established clients off the site. Not to bad over 3 stalks, another Roe buck, Fallow pricket and a Sorrel. The Roe was one we have been after all summer long, another murder buck, and both Fallow were in good order.

    However in one wood I have there is definate signs of Fallow coming into rut, plenty of scraping, rubbing and general chewing the area up. Also Geoshot heard a buck grunt twice, not in a serious rutting way. Anyone else noticed some early movement?
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    Funny you should say that as I had a client out yesterday afternoon whilst I was doing the milking and he said he heard something like wood knocking together which may have been bucks having a bit of sparing practice prior to the rut.

    The weather is certainly getting colder in the early mornings so maybe they are getting ready. A friend had two decent bucks yesterday and they were both in hard antler and fully clean of velvet.

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    I heard a buck grunting (half heartedly to be fair) on Saturday evening in south Tyrone. It is getting rather chilly here in the evenings, but this seems at least three weeks early?

    Saw lots of does and followers, did not manage to get a buck....

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    I had the misfortune to be out of bed at 0230 (misfortune because I was called into work... not on my way stalking) about 10 days ago and stopped in my tracks when I heard at least 2 fallow groaning in the distance. This is something I have never heard outside the rut.

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    no grunting with us as yet but all the bucks are hard now and fully shed..

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    I see that one has a name on it cant quite read it from here but i am sure it says SIXPOINTERSBUCK

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    Slightly off thread but but I saw two 2 Sika prickets calling amongst a herd of 30 or so hinds on Friday evening.

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    ours are still in velvet!! we'll not hear anything till october

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    this boy looks ready for a fight with his grass hat and his adams

    and a vid of some younger boys sparring

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    Nice Video Edd can you keep him on a lead for me for a while longer yet mate

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