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Thread: Jumped to The Dark Side

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    Jumped to The Dark Side

    Well I have finally sold my beloved Defender to be replaced by a Hilux. A heater that can actually give warmth, no leaks, air con, no smell of wet dogs, effective wipers, easily washed out load area, a bit of comfort, better fuel economy but do these motors really know the phrase "off road capablity". Some have digs at the reliability of the Defender but I can honestly say it never once let me down and we have been some funny places together.
    A problem aleady. Phoned my insurance company to transfer insurance for landy onto Hilux. We don't insure them.
    Hope that's the only problem I am going to encounter.

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    I've found a few times that with the man behind the wheel gives the vehicle it's real off road capability or not as the case me be and you trudge for a tow out. Some guys just can't drive in the skitter end of!

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    Stick some goodrich MT's on it and i'm sure you'll get most places in it,i followed my mate in his new kubuto into a wood back along in my navara to put up a pen and he was sliping around clogging the tyres mine never gave an inch.

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    Just left the NFU after twenty five years. They had year on year gone up until no longer viable. That was on a disco. Jim

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    I had a hilux when I worked in Sutherland. Best 4x4 I ever drove, much preferred it to the landrover I was given at the next estate.
    Used the hilux on numerous ocassions to pull idiots with road tyres on their "off road 4x4" out of peat bogs.
    The pull out handbrake took a bit of getting used to but I loved it and would have one now but the wife said it was too big - first time Ive heard her say that!

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    i,ve always had defender and now got a discovery. but my mate wants a pick up and i said if it was my money i,d be getting a hilux.
    if your going too be dumb you have too be tough

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    sadly this could be my last defender I'm on now. The estate is fed up with the breakdowns. Mines been on the recovery wagon twice in 2 weeks. The build quality has always been terrible but this new defender 2 is utter crap.same as usual with landrover the engines are brilliant but the rest falls to bits. For the same price your getting a hilux it all the toys.

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    You wont go wrong with a hilux mate.


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    Just a bit more on the insurance. Last week I saw Martin Lewis on the tv suggesting that if looking for insurance you should check all the comparison sites. Exact same details and looking for the same cover I went into 4 sites. One company I looked at was common to them all. From their most expensive to their cheapest a difference of 40. Mr Lewis would appear to have a point.

    Phoned NFU and laughed. They obvioulsy do not want business.

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