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    Help Please

    If you buy 2nd hand Swarovski are you still cover with the life time warrenty.

    can any body tell me whom to contact and if possible give me the number /email address.

    i have slight damage to the left side eye piece it will only go down part of the way now

    has anybody bought this part and if so is it going to be an arm and leg to buy ????

    many thanks DJC
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    bought a second hand swarovski a year ago.Knew it had a 30 year guarantee but not exactly how long was left to e mail to Austria with serial no and scope details and confirmation that the Gtee was still current and had 261/2 years left received back in less than 3 minutes-that's efficient as I believe their overall service is!!!.regards Richard.

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    I sent a second hand Swarovski Scope back, telling them I bought it second hand, had no idea of provenance and that I had dropped it on a concrete floor. Came back ten days later via UPS. The incoice read "Gratis" That is why I have six more now! Facebook

    Tel: +44(0)7866-571180

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