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Thread: New rifle and 2nd post...

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    New rifle and 2nd post...

    I feel my tentative steps as a newbie deer stalker have firmed up a bit today. I got home form work to find my amended FAC on the mat, complete with a slot for a .270 Win and moderator (apparently a bit of a marmite calibre but fine for my needs). With a bit of luck I can pass some cash under the household radar and quickly be tooled up for all UK deer species...

    I have also picked up a nice new bit of Roe stalking locally - went to have a look on Monday and saw a group of five Roe does, so I'm hoping there's a buck in close proximity.

    Hopefully forum members won't mind a steady flow of questions from me!


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    nice one adam
    good luck with the wedge under the door
    and best of luck with the new land

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    Well done bet you cant wait to put a round through the new toy 270 my calibre as well nothing wrong with it at all.

    Good luck on your new ground and keep us posted how it all goes.

    Good luck


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    Nice one Adam.
    New ground round us is like rocking horse sh-t.


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