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    Evening Gents,

    A little while back, i saw a thread on here that someone mentioned about a home-made combe rasier/ soultion. i cant remember whom said about it, but he recommended it to another user on is a plastercien type compound that is malluable till it is left to air overnight and then dries out and becomes a solid, but can be removed in the future if required.

    so please can anyone remember or tell the name of the compound, or the website link......i have done a search of the forum and cant find it.

    many thanks,


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    you cut a matching fit into a rubber dildo and superglue it to the comb, if anyone ever calls you a d1khead, you can say with pride, indeed sir, but only when shooting
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    Neil, thank you very much!!! that is exactly what i was after. and PKL that had me laughing out louad as i read it!!!

    cheers guys

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