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    Chapuis .375

    Does anyone have experience with these rifles? Or know what kind of money they fetch? I'm looking at a double on aution, but I suspect it'll go way out of my budget. Also seen a few comments to suggest they should be test fired before buying as accurancy can be an issue, anyone know?


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    I have a Chapuis UGEX in 9.3x74r don't worry about accuracy they are well regulated and I am very happy indeed with my rifle. It is a pleasure to use and points and swings like a best quality London gun. You could be pleasantly surprised at the price that doubles sometimes go for in auctions in this country. If you are going to test fire a double you will need to know what load it was originally regulated for.
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    Only a brief morning several decades ago on Bisleys Short Siberia with a nice SxS Chapuis in 8x57R ................................... I was sorely tempted butt he outfit with scope and mount was over 4K back then. With the 197 grain RWS ammunition we were shootign it was very good indeed. Not sure which model but it was high grade with really fancy wood and engraving.

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    Have a look at the Double Rifle sections on or - the Chapuis all seem to get pretty faviourable revues. They seem to be a pretty good solid, affordable working rifle.

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    Just remember there are tow Chapuis firms .............................. Chapuis and P. Chapuis.

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