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Thread: Buying ammo in Europe back to the UK- HOW?

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    Buying ammo in Europe back to the UK- HOW?

    Ok, so I am in Germany in October and hoping to bring back some ammo that I have trouble getting in this country, namely 7x65r and 16g solid slugs. I have both of these entered on my UK FAC, so a few questions!

    What do I need licence wise to buy this ammo in Germany?

    How do I bring it back to the UK? Does it get entered on my UK FAC?

    Can I send it to myself from Germany to my UK address and what is the process here?

    Cheers in advance!

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    Posting ammo back home is a No. I assume you are flying? That probably complicates it as it needs to be locked up etc...

    Not quite Germany, but I was going to buy some in rural France last summer. I had a European Firearms Pass, and was intending on declaring it at Dover and having them enter it on my FAC (I believe this is the correct process from talking to people who have purchased in the US previously and then bought ammo back).

    In the end the lady in the shop could only find one box of the ammo I was after, so I declined, but she said she was happy to serve me with the EFP.

    Germany should be similar I would guess.

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    NO idea on the German Licence to buy BUT IF you have both of the calibers on your European Firearms Pass then the shop may take this as permission to buy while in Germany (it sort of would make sense as otherwise what would happen if you were there hunting & ran out of ammo.?)

    If it was me I'd have the ammo entered on my FAC in the shop AND I would also make sure that I declared the import of it at HM Customs when re-entering the UK

    Sending to yourself - NOPE: You would be able to send it to your RFD for collection BUT the restricted nature of 1.3 & 1.6 Hazardous Goods would mean you'd need to have Richard Bransons income to make it a non-issue

    For 16-ga slug it may be worth using a firm in Italy such as SIARM or one of the USA companies like BPI to buy in the slug/hulls then load up your own ammo with it.

    7x65r WOULD definitely be worth loading ammo for & would be less of a bother to do than the rifled slugs as well...

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    I just show my Euro firearms pass in Decathlon in France and they open up the ammo display and then helped my self and payed for the ammo at the checkout with all the other stuff that i bought. I just entered the ammo on my fac and declared it at the ferry port of embarcation and just drove out at this end never saw any customs officers to ask on this side .
    I dont think that the staff in Decathlon would be willing to fill in you fac if there is no need to do so in France!!


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    Like reiver I have purchased ammunition in France using my European Firearms Passport but never made any entries on my certificate as my local FEO says I not required to do so myself and the dealer in France isn't interested in our U.K. certificates. I attempted to declare my purchases at U.K. customs in Calais but they didn't want to know but thanked me for informing them anyway.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Stalker 308 Hi,
    The EFP lets you transport guns & ammo only, you will need a German "Tagesjagdschein" =(tourist hunting license) issued in your name for the dealer to be able to sell ammo to you. In Austria you can buy no problems.
    Pm me where you will be located in Germany - there are ways.

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