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Thread: 303 brass

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    303 brass

    Just after a little guidance here
    i hav decided to look at selling some of my stash and just wondered if there was any benefit in seperating the different brasses
    Just I hav a mixture of hxp ranging from 85 down to 69 and also other various different makes of brass from RP to WW super with a few S&B's
    I probably hav about 2000 once fired all mixed together and not sure wether time to sort is worth it

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    The earlier 69 vintage HXP IMHO is better than say the 83. I have never used any 85 so take that for what it's worth. the 83 I had was all over length as once fired to i believe Q/C slipped in later years. I heard it was down to worn machinery and dies but how true that is ???????????????????????.

    The HXP 69 is superb brass.

    S&B is quite good but thicker rimmed. R.P is undersized in the web area .................................. but is excellent for re-forming to 6.5x53R as the web is smaller on the 6.5mm. WW Super is OK but a bit thin for my liking.

    I own about 2,000 HXP 69 cases but of course those were taken as well by Plod along with other empty brass cases.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brithunter View Post
    S&B is quite good .
    For re-loading, I would definately disagree with that. The purchaser may be lucky and get two firings out of the "once fired" factory brass. More than likely though that the necks will split on the third firing.
    I'd definately sort them out by brand.
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    I got head separation with W-W (reloaded) in a No4, and I'd agree with Brithunter that the quality of some Greek HXP was poor. Best "modern" 303 of the lot was the South African PMP. Me?

    I'd sell it ALL as one "job lot" if it were a small amount as postage will make it too expensive. But as you have two thousand it is definitely worth sorting and selling in, maybe amounts that just fall under the Royal Mail weight limits so that you get maximum weight for your money.

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    Hmmmm I have loaded the S&B several times with no problems.

    I also have a small quantity of PMP that came as factory 150 Grn SP ammunition plus a little bit of Norma from factory ammunition.

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    Thank you guys for all the info
    Really interesting comments

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