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Thread: .308 Sierra 125gr - suitable for Red?

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    .308 Sierra 125gr - suitable for Red?

    My normal hunting load is Sierra 125gr soft points #2120. This is chucked out the end of a Steyr Scout .308 with a T8. They work fine on Roe, and the exit wound is good (2"+).

    (I home load with 47.5gr of Vit N140 which gives a muzzle velocity of around 3000fps. My rifle prints good 3 round groups with the load @ 100m)

    What about for Red? Would you recommend using 150gr or will the 125gr be just as good.

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    hi mel the two i just shot when down with .270 load 110 v max 59grains moving at about 2900 fps, both did not get 50yds from the shot site so stick with what you are confident with mate shot placement is more important get that bit right and you won't go wrong.

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    I believe that a lot of very experienced highland stalkers favour the 123 grain Sako factory load for reds and I would imagine that your load would perform in a pretty similar manner and so is probably more than up to the job.

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    Mel Ė I have always used .308 Federal 150 grain Power Shocks. I canít speak for lighter bullets because I have never had cause to use them. My Remington shoots the Federals to a MOA all day long & on reds they have been extremely effective with shot animals often keeling straight over

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    Got a friend who I've had out at the hinds a few times, he uses them and I thought they were pretty impressive. Theres a lot to be said for sticking with a round that you are comfortable/familiar with, they are more than man enough for the job.

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    Definately, I use 120gr bullets and they drop the reds just fine. Different calibre though. I wont say which one before the masses erupt into a weekend arguement.

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