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    action ID

    I have a mauser action I'm trying to identify, that is, either mauser or 'mauser style'. it's got the traditional mauser bolt, shroud, lugs, handle, extractor claw, etc. the safe is on the right hand side on the stock (sako style), the safety button has two raised little pyramids for traction back or forth obviosly. The release catch is on the left hand side, it's a square block of steel that you pull outwards and towards you to release the bolt from the action. The action has nothing on it but a serial number starting Z56xxxxx.

    I believe it was originally built in Denmark, perhaps by Otterup (Shultz Larsen), but may not be the case tbh, that's based on the barrel sitting on it..

    I'm trying to find out if it's an old PH, actual Mauser, or other 'mauser style' action, FN, etc. it has been rebarrelled and re-stocked since the original I think.

    sorry, forgot to say that it's a hinged floorplate magazine design with the release button inside the front of the trigger guard.

    could it be a supreme action from '57 to '74, as used by both sako and browning, product code z to indicate it was a finish made sako for browning...?

    any help is appreciated.


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    Pictures would help greatly.

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    I know but I can't right now sadly..

    it's identical to a FN Supreme 98 action, but it bears no markings apart from a serial code on the front left just above the stock line, beginning Z56... my research up to this point points me in the direction it's either a sako mauser action made for browning, which is owned by FN...suss...or a mauser action made by Waffenwerke Bruenn AG but not sure who for, BRNO?

    if you google FN supreme mauser action you'll see it's identical to that, except the flooplate catch sits inside the trigger guard and there's no markings on the receiver rail above/outside the raceway, which on the FN I understand usually says 'made in belgium'..

    the mystery deepens...

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    like this?

    The action could be mated to any old trigger guard/mag box.
    I have had 3 Parker Hales and two BSA's that had different floorplate designs but they were the same bolt pattern so with the exception of the wood fit they would bolt onto any of the actions

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    marginal difference in safety catch, mine has two 'mounds' one either end but otherwise looks identical.

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    ok,now done enough research, it's actually just a basic PH M98 action...question is, still worth building on or not?...damn, wish it was an FN 98

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    Not sure if the standard 98 barrels will fit.
    As mentioned before Lothar Walther offer pre chambered pre threaded barrels for the 98.
    Only need head spacing when being fitted. The cheaper version in non stainless can be
    blued along with the action, turning the project into as new look.
    Barrels are only around 200 euro.
    On my 308 98 I chose the 720 contour which is similar to a sako tikka sporter barrel weight.

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    Parker-Hale never made their M98 actions just brought them in and built rifles on them. Suppliers for P-H varied during the years but included FN, Brno and Santa Baarbra of Spain.

    As to as this:-

    question is, still worth building on or not?
    I would definitely yes ................................................. but that decision must be yours.

    Actually I find it amusing that the question be asked yet others build custom rifles on bits ot tubing like the Remington action .

    Edit:- Oh you mean the safety is like this one:-

    P-H 1100 deluxe in 30-06.
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