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Thread: stock for mauser action

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    stock for mauser action

    need a stock for a mauser 98 action that's currently got a very short stock on it that's unsuitable to me (the former owner was 4'6" tall and had a custom stock built to suit him!).

    just looking for anything that's kicking around, nothing fancy, just a basic length wood or plastic, as cheap as possible, or whatever is out there! I'll eventually be doing a semi-custom rebuild project and install a very nice walnut stock, but not yet so just need a temporary solution.

    pm me if you have a potential candidate please.



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    Would it be possible to ring around the local shops which might have restocked a CZ/BRNO and has the old one kicking about as they should fit.


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    I have a synthetic stock off a BSA long action but it might need a bit of modification

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    bsa did a synthetic? are you sure? not questioning you (sort of I guess - LOL) just checking as I firmly thought they only ever did wooden stocks.

    thanks for the input chaps, keep ideas coming please!

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    No BSA never did a synthetic this is the only one in the world I have just taken it of my first pattern Monarch it was made by a guy from Knowsley Estate Merseyside If you would like it we could do a swap for something

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    I'm not sure I have anything to swap that would interest you to be honest pm me if you have any ideas though.

    I'm not entirely certain what changes/fitting would need to be done to make a mauser fit tbh, whether it would be just inletting or it would also be bottom metal, etc.

    perhaps it would be a shame to change the worlds only BSA synthetic stock?

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    I spent my first year in an engineering training centre located at BSA, Armoury road, B"ham in 1965-6 and I was always wandering in and out of the stocking shop, the smell was super copying machine winging there way through the walnut, there were all sorts of wonderous stuff lying around on the benches to play with or try to half inch (I was only 15 at the time). I have a 30-06 for sale without a stock if I can find out which canal it was thrown into, it might be a bit rusty by now.
    The milling instructer in the engineering school was making a Colt 1911 from original drawings left over from WWII, oh how times have changed.
    Now there is an admission but I never took dope, I was one instead.

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    surely a man of your gun restoration experience can knock one up from an old tree!?

    Always wondered how hard it would be!

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    I know, I'm actually thinking of doing just that with a nice walnut piece, nice buffalo horn tip and cap, pachmayr pad, steep grip, customized grip thickness, length of pull, stock balance, forend shape, butt pitch, slant and comb design...finely inletted so no need for bedding..

    maybe jewel the bolt and put on a LW 24" barrel, semi-sporter 6 grove that's rust blued to match the action, all chambered in .257 weatherby magnum. clearly designed for hill culling of hinds/calves with 120g partitions, light plains game, sika, and maybe some Swiss/Austrian alp hunting...

    starting to sound like a decent project

    Quote Originally Posted by bewsher500 View Post
    surely a man of your gun restoration experience can knock one up from an old tree!?

    Always wondered how hard it would be!

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    Would you be interested in a K98 stock I got from Richards Microfit in the US a few years ago and never got round to completing?
    It's in Claro walnut, rosewood trimmings, 14.5" LoP, Pachmyr butt-pad. I completed the inlet work for my rifle, but never got round to glassing it in, nor finishing the wood.
    Only issue is that I sold the rifle and stock recently, but the chap said he wasn't going to continue the 'project' and I think I can probably get the stock back.

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