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Thread: Roe Buck Stick

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    Roe Buck Stick

    Iíve had and a length of dog rose drying in the loft for some time.
    There was a little of the stem left from where it was cut off so I managed to file it to leave a short boss which I let into the brass, thus adding a little more strength to the job.
    Also a 6mm piece of stainless studding let in both ways.
    In the base cap is the end of a .243 round....

    Tim .243

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Nice piece of wood and good workmanship.

    As for the antler, well...........................

    Looks impressive but I think a few of us on here have tried Roe Buck antlers in the past, and after harpooning everything in sight with the tines reverted back to a piece of fallow or red.

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    I admired these in the past and made one, it turned out to be very uncomfortable, but looks good.

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    Looks great, but after making one myself and stabbing myself in the forehead going down a bank, I cut the roe antler off and replaced it with a sika antler with the tines filed of and capped with buffalo horn.

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    I suppose when I am old and decrepit, I'll need a stick so thanks for the tip
    I have made a few with Hazel sticks in the past and I used to cut the tips of the tines off.
    I sold some of the tips to a couple of the hippies that used to attend the Stonhenge gatherings that used to take place around solstice time.
    I found out later that he used to file the tip flat on both sides and sell them attached to necklaces as animals teethe !! after the flats were filed they did look a bit like a toothe of some sort I suppose.

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