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Thread: sizing brass down

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    sizing brass down

    Ive often heard of sizing down brass e.g. 308 to 7-08. Ive never done this and I am curious as to how easy it is. Lets take 270 brass for an example and you wanted to use it for a 25-06. Is it as straight forward as getting the brass and running it through the sizing due. Or is it a bit more complexed?


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    I haven't really done this the 'whole way', - just ran a .270 case into a .25-06 F/L sizing die & it chambered in my rifle after trimming to length.
    The neck thickness is different and I think would have to be 'neck-turned' to reduce it before use in a .25-06Rem.
    Other than that, I didn't really notice too much...but then, I didn't bother to measure further!

    Just bought some .25-06 cases and sold my .270 ones.
    Cheers, ATB
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    I've run 270 cases frew my 25-06 die and used them,they were fine

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    Being a tight git,I used once fired RWS from the FC,I necked them down from 270 to 25-06 without any problems whatsoever.

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    Remember that a 270 case is 1mm longer than a 25-06 case. This extra length is in the neck so be sure to measure and trim back accordingly.


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    I re size once fired Norma 270 brass to 25-06. I run it straight throught a 25-06 full length die, trim to length, de burr, anneal, full length size and trim again then shoot. I use a Swiss Arms SHR970 factory sporter and do not need to neck turn, my mate can also use the brass in his factory standard stainless laminate Tikka 695 (think that's he model number).


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    So basicly to size down its just a case of running the parent brass through the chosen dies. I would have thought there was more to it than that.


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    You will see the extra brass trim off

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    There may be a bit more to it.

    The brass at the neck was thicker on the resized .270 case than on a genuine .25-06 case when I tried it.
    If left, this could/would I think, increase the neck tension on the bullet and in some rifles may present a hazard - perhaps 'Spiking' the pressure level.
    In other rifles, this may not be a problem (Judging from what's said in other posts).
    There may also be a difference in the case capacity/volume that could make a difference to how the load works.

    However, I chose not to persue the re-sizing of my .270 brass, even though it was all new. I didn't have a case neck turner or a reamer for the inside neck and no inclination to buy either.

    My rifle is a Blaser (Perhaps having closer tolerances than some makes) and rather than risk a problem, I'm happy to buy the corrrect brass.

    In fact, .270 is a necked down .30-06 case as I understand it, with the .25-06 simply being necked down further?
    If that's correct, plainly it can be done and with a little care and perhaps an extra operation in the process, there wouldn't seem to be any reason at all why it shouldn't be done, even from a .30-06 case.

    ATB, Cheers.
    Blaser K95 Luxus Kipplaufbüchse .25-06Rem. Zeiss 8x56, 110gn Nosler Accubond = Game Over!

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