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Thread: Quad/ATV winch - ground anchor?

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    Question Quad/ATV winch - ground anchor?

    Hi my quad is fitted with a 3000lb electric winch but if i get stuck out in the open without a tree/rock to put the winch onto - what can i use?
    So just thought i'd ask what quad "winchers" use for a ground anchor

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    I am very careful on my quad, and only get stuck in the woods . I am afraid I can't help, it is something I have considered but hopefully someone will come up with a suitable solution.

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    I have thought about a long metal stake - but don't fancy that coming towards me at high speed
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    There are three main techniques you could use-
    1. Lightweight alloy ground anchor with pins that will easily support the load of a quad.
    2. A couple of pins fixed in line using a sling in figure of eight fashion.
    3. Dig a T shaped trench, use a pin or strong tree branch across the top of the T and connect your sling and cable to that. The long leg of the trench facing towards the load dives down to the cross bar of the T.

    You will always have the possibility of the cable coming back towards the Quad so you should always use a wander lead for safety. Another tip is to put a heavy sheet or dolly over the winch cable so if it does come back at you the weight will take the cable to the ground. Also make sure you have a breaker switch on your electric winch as they are notorious for jamming on and you want to be able to isolate the power immediately. It may be worth having a look on the internet for winching techniques as there is a lot more to using a winch than just clipping it on and winding in.
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    Thanks for the info mate! Yep i have fitted an isolator switch between the solenoid and the winch motor - so i can cut the power to it instantly. The winch is controlled by either a handlebar in/out switch or by remote control wireless handset - so i can stand well clear
    I have got some tree strops, shackles and a winch pulley block so i can 1/2 the load

    Might have to do a search and see if i can find a ground anchor plate with pins (think i've seen em used by the army for recovery)
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    If you can come across one of the army training notes or Bushey-Hall notes on the internet you will find them very useful. I used to do a fair bit of winching in connection with work and while we used some electric winches the majority of our work used hydraulic powered winches of much greater capacity. It's something that I rather enjoyed doing especially setting up rigs to pull heavy loads and turning over or recovering heavy lorries.
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    You get ground anchors on Ebay from time to time


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    We use the one half way down the page for our utility vehicle does the job and don't take up to much space either

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    If it's soft enought for a quad to get stuck you will have a problem getting a notmal ground anchor to hold.
    So this is what I use, gets a proper grip, also used it when pulling stumps etc.


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