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Thread: Leather Engravers

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    Leather Engravers

    Anyone know where i can get leather engraving done, preferably not too far from Whitby.

    Want to get my initials on a loaders bag but will obviously be needing it for a few months so cant really send it away



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    its not usually engraved as such as opposed to embossed or stamped

    try your local saddlers, bound to be one nearby

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    That's not engraving - its EMBOSSING: normally done with a hot-foil press & blocked letters, over a heat sensitive film that then transfers onto the bag/oval disc, etc.
    Lettering can be solid black, gold, silver, etc.

    Nearest to Whitby would be Le Prevo in Newcastle - though you may need to leave the bag with them...and they're always busy

    Are you wanting the initials on the oval disc that the closing strap is attached to? In those cases its normal to have a new part made (as its awkward trying to emboss onto a less than level surface with the weight & bulk of the bag also moving things around as soon as you let go - ask me how I know!!)

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    hc leathers look up their website and give emma a ring she will do a grand job.
    cheers Geoff

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