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Thread: What flight case

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    What flight case

    Can anyone recommend a good quality flight case.

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    Depends on the size of the gun, but Peli cases are hard to beat, and have a lifetime warranty!

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    Size to suit browning x bolt But also looking to purchase a new 308 so don't really want to be restricted on length

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    Would probably need the 1750 model and that it a bit huge!

    I have a couple of the 1700 ones and they are amazing!

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    Just been looking online they look ideal, any recommendations for a good supplier, also how do I go about getting the foam cut for different rifles and scopes ect.

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    Your other alternative is to go to a local flight case maker and get one custom made to meet your requirements. I have one for my Blaser that a friend did for me and it works really well. It looks like nothing fancy, which was part of the plan, but was carefully designed so the case plus rifle, scope, bipod, sling etc. all comes into the weight that Easyjet allow for firearms before they start charging extra. If anyone asks what's in it I tell them it's my bagpipes, so far everyone who has asked has believed that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sav View Post
    ...........also how do I go about getting the foam cut for different rifles and scopes ect.
    Hot wire cutter, using templates from drawing around your guns, my Sauer:

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    Rarms, do you want a jobLooks great.

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    I have one from this supplier. He always exhibits at the Dortmund wild & hund show end of Jan 2013 is the next (indoors 7x halls so will not be rained off) so if you order one you can pick up there.

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    Full size Peli's are great and give good protection. However, they are very heavy and I would be concerned you would go over weight limits once you put a rifle in there.

    There is another problem - take your rifle abroad in a big case - what happens when you go to try and fit the brute into a hire car? Been there, bought the tee-shirt. If you are seriously intent on travelling much with a rifle, think about a takedown of some make or other...

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