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Thread: Thanks for Having Me

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    Thanks for Having Me

    Hello everyone, Just signed up on SD, been thinking about it for some time, but being an old codger I was a little nervous, dont do facebook and the like.However after browsing the site I have been impressed with the content so I thought I would have a go.
    I have been stalking for approx 15 years, but seriously for around the last 5 or so, I stalk Roe and Red north of the border on a fairly regular basis, I hold both Level 1 and 2 stalking Certificates and am currently looking,working towards AW status. I shoot a Tikka T3 6.5X55 and a Tikka T3 30.06, I also home load. I have a Sako TRG in .308 which I use for target shooting, being a member of a local Club.

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    welcome aboard we are never to old to lern something new ,theres plenty of great guys on here.

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    hi and welcome to sd.

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    Welcome to the site, your not alone I don't do facebook and the like either

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Welcome to SD mate. It's good to see you on here.

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